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Run for Covers named “Best Cover Band in RI” for 2nd Straight Year

Run for Covers has been named “Best Cover Band” in the Providence Phoenix “Best of” Poll. This is the bands fourth consecutive year nominated and second consecutive year winning. Many thanks to our loyal fan base for continuing to show Southern New England your love for us.

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R4C Nominated for Providence Phoenix “Best of” for 4th Straight year!

The band has been nominated for our fourth consecutive year for Best Cover Band by the Providence Phoenix “Best of” Poll, an award we won last year! Thank you so much for your continued support and for making us one of the top acts each and every year. Head on over to to vote! (Vote for Boneheads & RiRa too)

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R4C Nominated for a 92 Pro-Fmmy!

The boys were nominated by 92 Pro-FM for their inaugural 92 Pro-FMmy awards. Head on over to and give us a vote!

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See you in 2014!

As 2013 comes to an end, we look back at an amazing year & thank you all for your support. It started with being voted #1 Cover Band in RI, another parade performance in Newport, a “dual band show” with The Pogs & a bus trip to Mohegan Sun. We’ll be back in 2014 with plenty of fun stuff planned! Have a happy & safe New Year!

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Run for Covers performs at Lupo’s!

The boys will be performing a PRIVATE function on Lupo’s famous stage! This show is not open to the general public. We’d like to thank the company Evident for choosing us for their big event!

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Run for Covers Bus Trip to Mohegan Sun!

The boys have acquired a Buzzbus and will be partying down to Mohegan Sun for their show at The Lansdowne Pub in Mohegan Sun. Tickets are $50 which includes admission, drinks and transportation!

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After a 5 week much needed hiatus, Run for Covers returns to the stage at Newport Grand Events Center for an amazing night of entertainment. Head on down to Newport for the day, grab a bite to eat and then head on up to do some gambling and dance the night away with us. The show starts at 8PM!

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The boys open a bar/restaurant!

Head on down to West Warwick to check out Boneheads Wing Bar, owned by Matt and Dave! Jesse & Mark also work in the kitchen so you never know which R4C members you might run into! 30+ flavors of wings, 1/2 lb burgers, full bar, live music!

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Providence Phoenix “Cover Categories” Celebration!

This Saturday (May 11th) we head down to Corinne’s in Pawtucket to celebrate our big win in the”Best Cover Band” category of the 2012 Providence Phoenix “Best of” issue. This is an ultra special night as Corinne’s was the winner of “Best Cover Club” this year as well. Come on out and celebrate Run for Covers & Corinne’s having the BEST fans in the entire state!

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a Run for Covers REUNION

Original guitarist and founding member Craig DelBonis is back in town visiting from his new home in sunny California. Coincidentally (or not) we’re playing at Biki’s this Friday, which is owned by Craig’s dad. So we called up Dave Andrade (another original founding member) and decided to break out some old tunes and throw one hell of a party. Who knows what could happen! Come on out to Biki’s May 3rd!

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Run for Covers named “Best Cover Band” by voters in Providence Phoenix Poll

Thank’s to all of you who voted. It’s an honor to be called “The Best” and it couldn’t have been done without of friends. YOU are THE BEST!

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Providence Phoenix “Best Of” Party THIS WEDNESDAY!

Run for Covers returns to the stage at Fete in Providence for the annual Providence Phoenix “Best Of” Awards Ceremony. This is our thiurd year nominated as “Best Cover Band” and we’re honored to be playing along side “The Pogs” and The School of Rock: Seekonk All-Star Band! The event starts at 6pm and is completely free. There is also great food provided (ALSO FREE!). Come on out and celebrate the very best of Rhode Island!

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Run for Cover’s heads to Jerry Remy’s

The boys hit the brand new Jerry Remy’s restaurant in Fall River THIS FRIDAY! Great atmosphere, right on the water and all the games on their “Screen Monster”… come on down!

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Run for Covers DEBUT at Biki’s in Warwick!

THIS FRIDAY, 3/22 we make our debut at Biki’s in Warwick! Biki’s is owned by the parents of our founding member Craig DelBonis and we’re excited to finally make it down to this great bar! See you there!

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Another busy St. Patty’s Day weekend coming up!

Saturday March 16th come on down and celebrate St. Patty’s Day weekend in the BIGGEST party in New England, on the streets of Newport, RI! If you have never been to Newport for “Parade Day” you are surely missing out on one HELL of a party! The drinking starts early and continues all day. You can find us on the NewportRIRocks float rocking your favorite jams down the street.

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Last Minute Show in Providence!

Run for Covers has just been confirmed for March 8th at Olive’s Martini Bar in downtown Providence! See you this Friday!!!

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RUN THE VOTE (Version 3.0)

We are pleased to announce out nomination from The Providence Phoenix “Best Of” for “Best Cover Band”. This is the 3rd year that the category has been in the poll and also the 3rd year that R4C has been on the ballot! We hope to break away from “always being the bridesmaid, never the bride” and win this year! Visit and submit your vote!

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Let’s put this party on wheels again!

Run for Covers has been confirmed as the entertainment aboard the NewportRIRocks parade float for the third consecutive year! “Parade Day” in Newport is one of the biggest annual parties in the state and it’s the day the band looks forward to all year! This years (the 57th annual) will be held on Saturday March 16th down Thames St. Come dance in the streets with the boys of R4C!

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We are awful at posting on our site. It’s that simple. But our calendar is always on point – and our Facebook gets lots of play. Maybe I need to enlist the help of some of the other guys in the band… anyone? :)

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Mini-vacation – The Happiest Place on Earth!

As you all know by now – Rusty is headed off to Disney for (one of) his yearly trips. We will be off for 2 weeks and then return at a Trinity (a new venue in Norton) on the 27th and then to RiRa on the 28th. Thanks to everyone who came out an made Gillary’s fun last night – and extra special thanks to Jeff (the calzone guy) for hooking up up with some ‘no cheese’ pulled pork. Yum!

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Happy 4th! Get ready for VIP!

Happy Birthday USA (and Matt’s dad!) As we celebrate our freedom we also launch our R4C VIP promo. We want to give back to you for your support! VIPs are those who go out of their way to make it to shows – bring their friends, and have stuck it out since the beginning. IF you get a VIP card, you will be privy to inside info, free admission to some shows, and even VIP partys! BOOM!

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What a great weekend – and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Gillary’s on Friday – our (kinda) Debut at Effin’s on Saturday…. now THAT was a weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. We had a killer time at both places – and look forward to being back ASAP! Gillary’s was great as always – and we made a TON of new friends at Effin’s. Def a cool summer hangout. Happy Father’s Day to all those with little ones – especially Matt, Mark & Jesse.

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It’s almost here people. Sure, its been hot as balls out already – but its not officially summer until THIS FRIDAY – when we open up the season with our first outdoor show at Rick’s Roadhouse. Our shows at Rick’s have always been fun – but this one is gonna be insane. New songs, great BBQ and no walls to contain the sound. Don’t miss out!!

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Run For Covers – Unplugged.

In 10 days – R4C will venture into uncharted water… An acoustic performance. In support of our friends Kevin and Tiffany’s beautiful daughter Layla Rose (who is currently battling complications due to MS). We are expecting a great turnout for a great cause – so come and check it out!!

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Where oh where have the updates been?

So, we have been slacking on website updates – but fear not – our Facebook has all the up to date info on shows, photos, etc. For those website faithful, the schedule is always on point, and we will make sure to keep things fresh here. Expect a photo overhaul, some new updates – and the release of the R4C smartphone app!!!!

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April absence makes the heart grow fonder…

April is a fairly slow month for us. We all have either a trip, a work related thing, or just a night off this month… so thinga may be a bit quieter than normal. Fear not – May we are back – and it’s almost SUMMERTIMEEEEE!

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No Dice – But a killer Party!

Congrats go out to The Senders for their win at the Phoenix Best Of Poll. These dudes have been rocking together since 1983 – so hats off to them for a solid victory! Thanks to everyone for voting – and you can be sure we will be back in 2013 to try to take the title! We had a great time rocking out at the award ceremony at Fete – a killer venue in Onyville – and thanks to those who came out to support us!!

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St. Patty’s weekend kicked our asses

We are officially BEAT. The Rock Junction was a fun time – the parade was INSANE (we didn’t run anyone over until the END this time). The Rhino Bar was a killer time – and with Matt’s voice on the fritz and everyone partied out – RiRa was… interesting. I don’t know that we will be doing THAT much again – but be assured we will be back in Newport for St Patty’s 2013!

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Time is running out!!

Only a few days left to vote RUN FOR COVERS for best cover band in the 2012 Providence Phoenix ‘Best Of’ Poll. Your vote is appreciated!!!


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Who has a busy St. Patrick’s Day weekend??

As if St. Patty’s day wasn’t reason enough to party – we bring you FOUR more reasons! Friday, the 16th we return to W. Greenwich @ The Rock Junction. Saturday the 17th (Day) are again part of the St. Patty’s Parade in Newport & later that night we head back and jam out @ The Rhino Bar. On Sunday we bring the party back to Providence to celebrate at Ri-Ra. It’s gonna be NUTS!!!

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Happy EFFIN Birthday!

Just in… we will be joining forces with our buddies in the original band ‘Vegas Automatic’ to help celebrate the birthday of one of the Bartenders at local hot spot – EFFIN’S (Smithfield). Wednesday, February 29th come out to help wish Shane a Happy Birthday – and party with us and VA for a nice of debauchery!!

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2012 ‘Best Of’ Nomination!!!

Thanks to your support and votes we are once again nominated by the Providence Phoenix for ‘Best Cover Band’! This year, we are hungry from the title – so make sure to vote daily! You guys rock!

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It’s that time again…

Last year, you guys helped get us nominated among some great local acts – and this year we hope you al do the same. Check out the Providence Phoenix ‘BEST OF’ poll to nominate your favorite local business and figured for their categories – and make sure to add Run For Covers for best cover band! VOTE HERE

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BBC – not just for the UK!

Get ready Franklin, MA because the boys are bringing the party up to the British Beer Company on February 17th!We have heard a lot of great things about this place – and with a dozen locations around New England – they must be doing something right!! Mark your calendar, this is sure to be a great time!

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Welcome to 2012

Happy New Year everyone! 2011 was definitely a great year for us, and we are ready to make 2012 even better. If the Mayans are right, and this is it… we are ready to go out on top! New venues already lined up, lots of fun and interesting things planned – and a brand new sound system are all ready to blow you away! Welcome to the new year!!!

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There’s a (full) moon out tonight!

Fire up the pits because the Run For covers train rolls into Rick’s Roadhouse on January 6th for their first Full Moon Party of 2012! Come down early and have a taste of their world class rated pit masters and enjoy the after party with US!!

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December = Vacation

As you may have noticed, there are only a few scheduled shows left before our end of the year celebration at Rhino Bar. We are taking the month of December off to learn a HUGE lot of new songs, rest up from the long year that was 2011, & to get ready for 2012, which we expect to be even bigger! Make sure to get out to one of the upcoming shows & celebrate New Years Eve with us in Newport!

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11-11-11 Run For Covers invades Gillary’s

We all remember Hurricane Irene. That little bitch of a rain storm that knocked out the power for a few days, ripped a hole in the Nerney’s house – and most unfortunately – left our debut at Gillary’s in Bristol as a faint memory of what would never be… Until now! 11-11-11 the luckiest day of a lifetime (I’d be doubling down if I were you) we will finally make our long awaited debut. Where will YOU be?

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November Leukemia Benefit Weekend

This November we take aim at Leukemia and are working with 2 benefits. November 18th we head to Cranston Country Club to host a fundraiser for Matt’s long-time friend Peter Fontana, who was recently diagnosed and then on the 19th, we ship up to Fall River to help out our friend Gessalyn Dias for the 3rd year in a row. Check the FB events pages for more info!

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Run For Covers returns to Twin River

Just confirmed, we will be bringing our party back to the Lighthouse Bar stage inside Twin River Casino on Saturday, October 22! Don’t miss what is sure to be another great time. We will have new songs, and maybe even an appearance from our new sponsors Corona!

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Run For Covers = Musica Mas Fina!

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with one of the most recognized beers in the world and welcome CORONA as our new sponsor! Corona has maintained its status of being one of the best-selling beers in the world, taking in every moment, the pride of Mexico to more than 150 countries & we are super excited for our future with the brand. Let’s share a ice cold bottle soon!

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Bike Night Block Party!

Just added – Run For Covers will be returning to the Saints & Sinners Lounge (1 Fox Place, Providence) for their weekly Block Party! Models, Dancers, DJ, Bikini Contest, and more! Don’t miss out – it’s getting bigger and bigger every week and we are ready to hit the stage and party! Wednesday, Aug 3 – NO COVER – 21+ – $5 drinks, $3 Beers, $1 shots! 8pm-1am!

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Helping wishes come true…

We are pleased to announce that we will be performing on Saturday, Aug 6th as part of a steak fry benefit for the Make A Wish Foundation at the Blue Moon Pub in Cranston. There will be a silent auction, 50/50 raffle, prizes and more! Fun starts at 5:30 and we go on at 7. Hope you can make it!

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Run For Covers returns to The Feast

This just in – Run For Covers will be back at the St. Mary’s Feast Society Beer Tent on Friday, July 22nd during the 2011 St. Mary’s Feast in Cranston. We had a blast last year and are looking forward to another great time! Also – our second Feast performance will be at The Blue Moon Cafe on Saturday the 23rd. See you all there!

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Fishnets, Rollerskates, Bruises – and Run For Covers!

This just in… Run For Covers will be strapping on their skates and throwing some elbows or.. at least watching the beautifully talented ladies of the Providence Roller Derby do all that on October 8th at the Providence Convention Center as we provide the Halftime entertainment for the Honeys vs Mob bout. More info to come!

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Run For Covers Rocks The Whiskey Republic

Formerly the Fish Company, The Whiskey Republic has become one of the hottest clubs in Providence. Sunday, June 26th we will be making our debut as part of Hey, Sailor Sunday – the FREE Hot Rod BBQ Bash! It’s going to be a full day of tattoos, charred and slathered meat, hot rods, and music. Featuring Run For Covers from 9-10:30 and DJ Magee from 10:30-1am.

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I’m On A Boat!

Strap on your penny loafers, toss on your Captain’s hat, and grab your dingy! Run For Covers is hitting the sea! Join us on August 7th at 7:30pm (so be early) aboard the Majestic in Newport. The boat has a full cash bar and we will be performing from 8pm-10pm. This will be one hell of a party! Tickets for the event are $20 or you can get the ticket/t-shirt VIP pack for $25!

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Benefit Double-Shot

This Sunday we will be making the rounds to help out two unbelievable causes! Johnston Memorial Park is the setting for the Pink-Surance Benefit/ACI Customs Bike Run. Then we head over to Ball’s for the 7th Annual Station Fund Benefit. Please come out to support these charities!

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You’re Invited…

Run For Covers is pleased to announce its first annual PROM NIGHT! Dress to impress at Part II Lounge on the 28th as we kick it old school! Did your prom suck? Was your date a tool? Now is your chance to make up for it! We will be crowning a King and Queen, have a portrait photographer and even some spiked punch. 18+ and definitely a good time to be had!

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Debut at The Rock House with ZO2!

The Rock House is the newest and most talked about venue in RI, and we are super excited to be making our debut on the 21st with New York’s own ZO2. They feature David Z (Transsiberian Orchestra/Joan Jett) on Bass, Blue Man Group Alumni Joey Cassata on Drums and frontman Paulie Z. Gonna be a great time at a killer new club. We play from 9-11 so get there early!

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Run For Covers Debuts at Harbourside

One of the top summertime destinations is about to get a taste of a Run For Covers party! The outside deck isn’t open yet – but we are finally making our debut at Harbourside in East Greenwich on May14th. This place has the potential to be a great summer party spot for R4C so make sure to come out and support us – to ensure we make it to the outside deck in the summer!!

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Sunset League Benefit at The Rhino Bar

We will finally be returning to Newport to help out our buds in the Sunset Baseball League – one of the oldest leagues in New England with their Fundraiser on May 6th. We will be joined by newcomers Crush – and it’s sure to be a great night! Festivities start at 8pm so get there early!

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Helping out ‘The Mid-Day Chick’

Only a few days after Beerfest – we will be heading over to JR’s inside MardiGras to help out WHJY Radio Personality ‘Jenn’ raise money for her charity awareness campaign for Stroke Awareness. We will be joined by VooDoo (The Godsmack tribute band), We Own Land and The McGunks. It’s for a great cause – and Jenn is friggin HOT… so lets show some support!!

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Beerfest 2011 – The Ultimate Weekend

Get ready for the most insane weekend ever – it’s a true Run For Covers Marathon! Friday, April 8th we will be at The Beach House in Portsmouth, then its on to 2 shows at the Great International Beerfest at the Convention Center in Providence – sure to be the BEST TIME EVER! Then join us at 10pm for the Beerfest Hangover party as we make out debut at Ladder 133 in Providence. Ouch.

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Dave & Mark Celebrate 10 Year of Music

April 1st marks the 10 year anniversary of Mark and Dave’s musical career together – and we are bringing the celebration to the Waterstreet Cafe in Fall River! This show will feature guest singers from bands of the past as well as mark our debut at Waterstreet. Congrats to Dave and Mark – here is to another 10 years!

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We’ve Got Spirit… Yes We Do….

We had an absolute BLAST aboard the NewportRIRocks float at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – and just found out that our float won the ‘Most Spirited Marchers’ award from the parade society! We are happy we could be a part of such a fun event and hope that we can make a return next year!

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Run For Covers Welcomes Jesse Geyer

Most recently, another guitar has migrated over from The Counterfeits – and joining Mark on guitar is Jesse Geyer. Jesse is a veteran of the music scene having been in such bands at Take 3 and Roxx, and brings with him some sweet harmonies and takes the crown away from Matt for ‘oldest band member’. Yay Matt!

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I Love a Parade!

After a great show at Newport Grand Casino, Melody and the folks at NewportRIRocks have asked us to be a part of the hugely popular Newport St. Patrick’s Day parade this Saturday on their float! This is one of the biggest events of the year in Newport and typically draws 40-50,000 people! Don’t miss it!

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Run For Covers Loosens your Slots!

Thanks to the great people over at NewportRIRocks, we will be making our debut at Newport Grand Casino on Thursday, March 3rd. This is a part of the new local band showcase and we are super excited to check it out. Admission is free and the show is 18+!! Don’t miss out!

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Providence Phoenix 2011 ‘Best Of’ Nomination!

2011 just keeps getting better! Great shows, new friends, lots of ‘Gansetts and now THIS! A nomination for the 2011 Providence Phoenix ‘Best Cover Band’!!!! Please take a minute to check out the ballot HERE and please please please give us your vote. You can vote daily until April 1st! Thanks again for the support!!!!

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Run For Covers Featured in January!

A huge thanks to the gang over at RI Cover Bands for their unbelievable write up of the band. You can check out the entire article HERE! It’s a great honor to be given this recognition so early in our journey as a band, and we look forward to 2011 being our breakout year.

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Hi Neighbor!

The biggest news yet to come out of the R4C camp… We are now proudly sponsored by Narragansett Beer! We are so happy to partner with such a strong, yet truly local company like Narragansett Brewing Company. Stay tuned for lots of free ‘Gansett SWAG, tallboys for everyone, and the beautiful “Gansett Girls!!!

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Trying our luck at Twin River Casino!

Our experience at the Giovanni Fashion Concert this past summer at Twin River was a great one. 2,500 people on hand to see some great fashion and hear some good music. Now, we set our sights on The Lighthouse Bar – Twin River’s center stage. June 24th is the date – so get ready for a night of loose video slots, and a full night of dancing – at what could be our biggest show yet!

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Taking a bite out of SHARX

The hits just keep on coming. We confirmed today a special Earth Day celebration on April 22nd at Sharx Bar & Grille (Club 505) in Cranston. People have been asking us to play here for a while, and thanks to our good buddy Mark – we were able to make contact with the right people to give us a go! Make sure to come out and have a good time!

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Run For Covers has got BALLS!

Good new Cranston… AND Johnston… We successfully booked our first dates at everyone’s favorite corner pubs Look for us on Feb 11th at Ball’s in Cranston and April 16th at Ball’s II in Johnston. Special thanks to owner Henry O. for giving us a shot. Hopefully we can add these two great places to our rotation!

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Gessalyn Dias Benefit

Last year we got together with a few other bands in support of our new friend Gessalyn Dias. November marks her 1 year fight with leukemia and we are doing it all again. Join us at Up On The Roof in Bristol, RI on Nov 19th with D5 & After Effect and another band TBA for this great cause! Check out the FB event page HERE

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Still On Top!

Thanks again to everyone who has continued to support the band in 92PRO FM’s Listener Picks Poll! We are holding strong with 43% of the votes!!! ProFM has said they might have something planned for the ‘winner’ or maybe ever a showcase for all of the great bands involved. If you haven’t already voted, check out the link HERE and once again keep running!!!!!!

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We Want YOU!

Just like a page out of “Fivel Goes West” our resident lefty Craig is packing his bags and heading to the sunshine state. Do you think you have what it takes to fill his slender shoes? Drop us an email HERE and tell us why you should be the next axe man in our little slice of musical paradise!

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We are pleased to announce a partnership with Playoff’s Pub to bring R4C to Fall River EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT! That’s right, Run for Covers EVERY WEEK in Fall River! So come on down, show your support and lets make Wednesdays the new night to party! 9-12pm (or until the party stops!) Starts June 16th!

Posted on May 14th, 2010 by
Twin Rivers – SOLD OUT!

Big news… the Giovanni 10th Annual Fashion Concert is 99.9% SOLD OUT! This means R4C will be rocking out in front of over 2,300 people at Twin River Casino on Sunday, May 23rd! We have a few of the last remaining tickets, so if you need them… let a band member know ASAP!

Posted on May 5th, 2010 by